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 TOPIC: Markets -- Islamic countries

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1. al-Aswāq fī bilād al-Shām fī Ṣadr al-Islām
by al-Ḍamūr, Ḥātim Nāyil

Issue Year: 2009
Our Price: $17.00




2. al-Sūq fī al-turāth al-Islāmī

Issue Year: 2012
Our Price: $10.00




3. Aswāqunā al-tijārīyah
by al-Sha‘‘āl, Muḥammad Khayr

Issue Year: 2011
Our Price: $7.50




4. Islamic capital markets
by Syed Ali, Salman

Issue Year: 2008
Our Price: $35.00