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 TOPIC: Arabic literature -- United Arab Emirates

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1. al-Kitābah ‘alá al-ṭīn
by Kāṣid, Salmān

Issue Year: 2010
Our Price: $18.00


2. Aṭyāf min al-adab al-Imārātī
by al-Khawājah, Haytham Yaḥyá

Issue Year: 2003
Our Price: $9.00


3. Ru’á waṭanīyah
by al-Falītī, Ṭalāl

Issue Year: 2013
Our Price: $20.00


4. Su’āl al-mufradah wa-al-dalālah  (2 v.)
by Ka‘wash, Sāmiḥ

Issue Year: 2008
Our Price: $18.00


5. Tajallīyāt al-ghawṣ fī al-shi‘r al-nabaṭī fī al-Imārāt al-‘Arabīyah al-Muttaḥidah
by al-Ḥasan, Ghassān

Issue Year: 2011
Our Price: $22.00